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veröffentlicht: 08.06.2007
16. August 2007  
The 30th anniversary of the day Elvis died
August 16th 1977 - an unforgettable day in the memory of most music fans. It was the day Elvis Aaron Presley died. In the bathroom, just over the entrance of his mansion “Graceland” in Memphis, Tennessee, the idol of three generations passed away - lonely and tragically. With Elvis’ death many people felt like they had lost their reason to live. They were afraid that the funeral was not only going to be a farewell to the mortal remains of Elvis Presley, but that his myth would be buried alongside his body. These fears proved to be wrong. On 16th August 2007, exactly 30 years after Elvis’ death, thousands of fans will go on pilgrimage to his graveyard in order to pay homage to the “King of Rock’n’Roll”. Elvis Presley’s legend is still alive today. His family, millions of fans worldwide and many concerts and events about Elvis Presley make sure that “Elvis Presley” is a name that will last for many more years and the following generations of music fans. What is more, his professional friends and colleagues from all over the world haves played a decisive role in the commemoration of Elvis Presley. You can see quite a number of them in the following video statements.

NEW - International stars on Elvis - part 3. Tom Jones (Weblink) met Unikosmos for two interviews about his friend Elvis Presley. Watch him telling interesting stories about Elvis, like songs in the shower or why there was never an official duet of the two.
On August, 16th, 2007, the biggest Elvis collection - second only to Graceland - found its way to Germany. About 100 personal items once belonging to the "King" were brought to the Ellington Hotel Berlin by Bernhard Kurz.
Bob Moore was bassist for Elvis from 1958 to 1968. When he visited Hamburg for a fan meeting powered by the Elvis Presley Gesellschaft we met him for an interview. He talks about Elvis in the sixties.
Jerry Schilling (Weblink) was one of Elvis’ closest friends. In an exclusive interview he talks about Elvis’ meeting with President Nixon in the Oval Office. We met Jerry Schilling in Hamburg during the fan-meeting of the Elvis Presley Gesellschaft when he promoted his book „Me And A Guy Named Elvis”
Joe Esposito (Weblink) was one of Elvis’ closest friends. He was also his roadmanager and best-man. On October 1, 1998 Joe unveiled an Elvis memorial tablet plate in Bremerhaven and promoted his book „Intimate & Rare“. In an exclusive interview he reveals the truth about Elvis’ time in Germany, the meeting with the Beatles and the moment when he found Elvis dead on his bathroom floor behind Ginger Alden and Al Strada in Graceland in 1977.
Deichking is a German fictional low-budget movie from Michael Söth with many guest appearances of national music stars such as Bela B. Felsenheimer, John Barron, Fettes Brot or Lotto King Karl. The shooting took place in summer 2006 near Elmshorn. The former version "Deichelvis" of the year 1995 became cult in insider circles. Both films deal with a man who was born in northern Germany and lives his vision of a rock´n´roll lifestyle. Here you find the trailer.
Red West (Weblink), Elvis’ driver and bodyguard, visited a fan-meeting supported by the Elvis Presley Gesellschaft in Hamburg. Watch our interviews with Red West and Oskar Henschel from the Elvis Presley Fanclub Gelsenkirchen plus some impressions of the exhibition and the event.
Bela B. Felsenheimer, Drummer with the German rock band Die Ärzte, has recorded the first part of Peter Guralnick’s Elvis biography “Last Train To Memphis (1935-1958)”. Click here to watch our interview with him.
Together with guitarist Scotty Moore (Weblink) and drummer D.J. Fontana (Weblink) Elvis rose to fame in the fifties. Scotty had been Elvis’ first manager and together with D.J. he supported Elvis during his live shows until 1968. Watch the Unikosmos interview with the two musicians as well as footage from a live show in a club in Hamburg from 2000.
On May 12, 2003 Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie Presley (Weblink) held a press conference in Cologne. Watch our footage.
“Elvis the Concert“ (Weblink) in Hamburg and Memphis! Here you get to see the show, where some of Elvis’ original band members from the seventies perform live on stage alongside video footage of the “king”. This successful show toured around the world several times. Watch the show in the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, interviews with Elvis’ TCB-Band (Weblink), the producer of the show, Stig Edgren, and Elvis’ friend George Klein and some fans.
Together with Jerry Leiber songwriter Mike Stoller (Weblink) wrote Elvis-Hits like „Hound Dog“ or „Jailhouse Rock“. When he was given the Lifetime Achievement Award in Gent in 2005, Unikosmos met him for an exclusive interview.
German Stars on Elvis - part 1. What do Gunter Gabriel, Doro Pesch, Blümchen, Modern Talking, Guildo Horn, Ricky, Sasha, Thomas D., Ortwin Runde, Tic Tac Toe, Mr.President, Hartmut Engler, Laith Al-Deen, Oomph, and Patrick Nuo have to say about the „king“?
German stars on Elvis - part 2: Here you find short interviews with Peter Kraus, Sissy Perlinger, Verona Feldbusch, Otto Kern, Ralph Möller, J.B.Kerner, Till Schweiger, Markus Wasmeier, Mario Adorf, Uschi Glas, Ralph Siegel, Ottfried Fischer.
German stars on Elvis - part 3: Here you find short interviews with Jürgen Drews, Karl Dall, Ireen Sheer, Costa Cordalis, Fritz Rau, Prof.Hans-Werner Funke, Heinz Rudolf Kunze, Peter Maffay, Stefan Gwildes, Udo Jürgens and Udo Lindenberg, Rudolf Schenker.
International stars on Elvis - part 1. We met ZZ TOP, Julio Iglesias, Joe Cocker, Ike Turner, Suzi Quatro and Cliff Richard.
International stars on Elvis - part 2. What does Elvis mean to James Brown, Nancy Sinatra, Jim Kerr, Status Quo, Helmut Lotti, Lexington Bridge and Lionel Richie?
Watch footage from the show “A Tribute to Elvis“ and an interview with Elvis impersonator Paul Casey, Elvis background singers Sweet Inspirations (Weblink), his bodyguard Sonny West and his photographer Ed Bonja (Weblink).
Elvis’ photographer Ed Bonja (Weblink) talks about his uncle „Colonel“ Tom Parker and explains why Elvis never gave a concert in Europe.
Elvis’ bodyguard Sonny West (Weblink) reveals new facts about his friend Elvis and describes the phenomenon from his perspective. In May his book “Elvis - Still Taking Care of Business” by Sonny West with Marshall Terrill was published.
Watch footage from Memphis, the Sun Studios, Graceland’s exterior, souvenir shops and Elvis’ private plane. You also get to see an interview with Bill E. Burk in the Sun Studios, videos from Tupelo and an “American Idol” show about Elvis. We also spoke to James Ausborn, a childhood friend of his.
Watch an interview with The Crickets (Weblink), the band that played with rock’n’roll star Buddy Holly, who met Elvis several times. One member of The Crickets almost played in Elvis’ band in Las Vegas!

Exclusive audio interview with Sam Phillips
The founder of the legendary recording studios (Weblink) and label Sun Records speaks about Elvis Presley. Dr. Carlo May and Knut Benzner talked to Sam Philipps in his Memphis home in 1999.

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